3D Editor to create Laserframes Use Gradients for Colorfadings APC 40 based LiveTool
Multi Projector OpenGL Preview RealTime Timeline to create Shows Animator to edit Effects
Audiosettings / TimeCode Controll Draw your own Animation Curves DMX Setting for MovingHeads or other
Main Effect List Define external DMX or TTL Effects Add animated Frames by pressing Keys
Draw / Edit Frames during Output is running Add Laserframes using the new PicBrowser Create Runtext
Scanningparameter Output World Settings Add Animations
Trickfilm Add Videos or Mediafiles incl. Cutting Hardwarecenter / Outputsettings
Coloradjust and Linearity for each Card Intelligent Multi Color System Colormapping
Safety Zones Modulate your Lasers by Math Count Down to Target Time
Path / Scanlimit 3D / Multiple Layers Timeline Control by Midikeyboard for Simple Live Playing
Audio Waveform Analysis More than 200 Shows for free Download incl. Audiofile !
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